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Welcome to Angels Rental Car

Angels Rent A Car is a local provider of car rental and transportation services. Our service offerings have been designed to ensure customer flexibility, comfort and security and satisfy all their needs. We offer more than just a car rental service. We provide solutions for both individual and business customers. We offer short-term,
medium-term, and long-term car rentals, airport transfers, group car rentals and car rental programs for special events such as meetings, conferences and tourism.

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Discover available rentals to rent both in our main Tirana office or in the airport; Airport
Service is free of charge during working hours(08:00-20:00).

Our best policy is honesty; There are no hidden fees or extra charges that are not listed in Extras Section in the Reservation Process.

Why Choose Us?

No Hidden Fees.

Free Cancellation up to 48hrs prior Pickup.

24/7 Online Support.

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Guaranteed Rates

It applies even to distant reservations.

Please note that in unfortunate events such as accidents the company will try to replace the vehicle to a new one subject to availability.

All rates are guaranteed for every reservation made with our platform.

Our Available Cars

What will you need to pick up the car?

Driver License & Age Restrictions Driver

Minimum age is 21 years old and the driver must be in possession of a valid driving license for at least 2 years.


A valid passport or national identity card.

Terms Of

For the authorization process, the rental can be paid by bank transfer payments as well as cash.

Across Border

Please make sure to inform your provider in advance in order to prepare all the documents you need for your cross-country road trip.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a credit card?

You don’t need a credit card. Consumers can pay entirely with cash or by bank transfer.

Can I cross borders with my rental car?

We may ask you to sign an additional document, and/or pay an extra fee. Cross border fee might be applied to your rental in order to cover the additional insurance necessary to drive the vehicle outside of the country which you rented it from.

Can I rent a specific car model?

Find the type of car you want at a great price from our website. We offer a variety of rental car types and sizes.

What is included in the rental charges?

Charges specified and agreed in the CONTRACT include the basic rental fee including unlimited mileage, VAT, road tax, airport taxes and basic mandatory insurances with excess.

Which documents are needed to pick up a rental car?

  • You must bring original proof of the required documents. Photocopies or other copies will not be accepted.
  • The driver should meet the age requirement (21+).
  • Driver’s license which must be valid during the entire rental period and cannot be suspended, expired, revoked, canceled, or surrendered.
  • Additional forms of identification such as Identity card/document or Passport.
  • Paid invoice.